Recovering from a long, cold, snowy winter...

The weather forecast threatened to snow out our first group garden day of the season, but it turned out to be a beautiful day to do our spring clean up chores.

It was a rough winter for fruit trees. Mother Nature did some harsh pruning of our apple tree. Here's Don, caught in action, cutting up the downed limbs.
We had an unexpected/unfortunate "glacier" deposited on top of our perennial beds this winter (part of a desperate effort to clear snow from the FU parking lot above). You can see the remains of the glacier retreating (right) revealing our unhappy fruit trees and plants that were crushed underneath the weight of it.

One of our two plum trees damaged by the glacier, this one saw the worst of it. Time for a tough love prune.

Our strawberry plants buried in glacial till (road sand deposited from the parking lot glacier). What a mess.

Our trusty garden crew to the rescue...

Our perennial area looking much happier after a little damage control.

Let the planting begin! Joyce is the early bird this year.

One of our newest garden members, Eric, takes on the job of turning last year's compost piles. Black gold!