Moving mountains...

The foreground shows a pile of city compost as we received it, littered with biodegradable plastic yard waste collection bags—in the background is a pile that has been hand sifted. It took 17 labor hours to hand sift one pile (one dump truck load) and we removed 10 garbage bags full of plastic pieces.


Our dedicated volunteers (from left: Susan, Noah, Viki, and Sarah) hand sifting the compost and piling it so it's ready for filling the raised garden beds.

Community Service

Finlandia University UNS100 students posing on top of a pile of compost that they helped sift as part of their community service project. Thanks to the FU crew and Leroy from the City for all your help.

Our garden team grows...

The tedious task of finish grading the site by hand was considerably more fun and faster with our three new volunteers and gardeners. Thanks Rachael, Ryan, and Anne!

Our first harvest!

Hancock resident, Angela Manchester, harvests choke cherries (from one of the existing trees on-site) to make jelly and cordial.