Site Info

Two residences once occupied the site that is now the community garden. After Finlandia University acquired the property, the houses served as rentals for many years, until they were demolished around the year 2002. Sand and gravel was used to fill and level where the houses once stood. Remnants of masonry foundations are visible throughout the site. The site remained unused/abandoned until 2010 when the community garden accepted stewardship of the site.

Site Design
Concept A (shown above) includes 15 individual garden plots contained within seven, 16-inch tall raised beds. The interior dimension (soil area) of the plots measure approximately 4.25-feet wide and range in length from 8-feet to 14-feet long. 

Concept A also includes a mini-orchard, perennial beds, a rooftop rainwater collection system, cold frames, composting area, materials depot, woodland garden, container plant area, garden shed, people spaces, info kiosk, and a children's/demonstration bed.

Site Documents