Asparagus - Our first perennial planted!

Although we weren't quite ready to plant asparagus this year, we couldn't resist the temptation when we were offered 45 asparagus crowns free, a surplus from this year's Conservation District Spring Tree Sale (thank you!). Here we are placing crowns in a prepared trench which will be incrementally filled with soil throughout the Spring as the first spears grow. We were pleasantly surprised to find such deep, rich-looking soil in the area we designated for our perennial garden.

First Garden Season Opens!

It's May 7th and it feels like it might (finally) be Spring. Today was garden orientation when our gardeners are turned loose to take over the garden for its first season. Here we are discussing our compost system and the importance of cycling nutrients to maintain soil fertility.

Viki and Leena plant mustard and cress, the first seeds sown of the season. Thanks to the Keweenaw Co-op for donating the seeds. The straw mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, discourage growth of unwanted plants ("weeds"), moderate soil temperature, create habitat for earthworms, and provide organic matter for the soil.