A heap of learning...

The Superior Skills composting workshop at the garden on Saturday was a success.  Instructor Matt Manders explained the various materials from which a home compost bin can be made, the organic materials that can be composted, and the important factors such as air, moisture and a balance of carbon-rich (green) and nitrogen-rich (brown) materials needed to make an inviting environment for microorganisms to break-down those materials into soil.


Matt brought with him a fresh heap of chicken/rabbit manure mixed with straw bedding and demonstrated with the group how to build a hot compost pile by first putting down an airy carbon-rich sponge and then layering green (manure and fresh garden trimmings) and brown (straw) materials, while adding moisture along the way.

He then showed the group how this type of compost really does heat up - the pile he built a week earlier of the same materials was over 140 degrees!  A big thanks to Matt for sharing both his knowledge and his manure with us at the Ryan Street Community Garden.