Perennials - First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap!

The newest members of the garden...our two Stanley plum trees planted on May 5, 2013. We selected plum trees because they are low maintenance and their small but abundant fruits will make splitting the harvest easier.

The rhubarb we planted last year has emerged. Looks like it suffered a little frost burn, but it will recover.
Our strawberries planted last year are already putting out new growth.
The chives are up! One of the first edibles of the season. They're best tasting when tender and young. Great as a garnish in salads. Simply snip a few off and enjoy.

Don't eat this one, but isn't it pretty? Sedum is a good pollinator attractor for the garden. Bees love it!  It's very hardy and drought tolerant with blooms that last late into the season.
Uh oh! The weight from the massive snow bank that sat on top of the fence all winter sank a few of the posts and disconnected the rails of our new fence. We knew this was going to be a challenge having the fence near the road.