Art & Fertility

Local artist and community gardener, Joyce Koskenmaki, works on the garden wall mosaic/mural along Road Street. She is using found objects ("treasures") that we unearthed as we developed the site, together with locally collected beach stones and bits of broken glass and tile. The wall mosaic/mural is part of our effort to celebrate "art in the garden".

Here we go again...picking bio-bag pieces out of the compost so kindly donated by the City of Hancock (Thanks DPW!). We use this nutrient-rich compost generated from decomposed yard trimmings as our growing medium in the raised beds.

Here we are slashing down our "green manure" crop of Buckwheat we planted earlier this summer. We're topping off the bed with some compost and then we will cover it with a 4-6 inch layer of straw mulch. In a couple weeks it will be ready for a fall plant of garlic. One of our volunteers was caught on camera stepping in the raised bed...uh oh! (A major benefit of having raised beds/designated paths is that is keeps foot traffic out of the growing area so the soil doesn't get compacted.)